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Favorite Quote: “Happiness, not in another place but this place. Not for another hour but this hour.” Walt Whitman

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If I were to say a few quick things about myself I’d like for you to know I’m a passionate entrepreneur, but most of all a family man, that’s extremely energetic and always on the move.  As someone who is regularly looking for the next daily adventure, Tree Vistas brings all the things I enjoy into one.  I live in constant awe of the great outdoors and its ability to bring a sense of calmness and relaxation.  What a difference it is to step into nature and how life around us can change in an instant.  It’s awakening!  
My family gives me purpose everyday and I truly enjoy watching my kids grow up.  They all continue to inspire me and I thank them for their support and encouragement.   My hope is that Tree Vistas can make a positive impact on our guest lives.  I want everyone to feel like they are doing something not many people have experienced, and that you’re able to relax, get inspired, and enjoy your next adventure in life.

Tree Vistas is one of the most important journeys I’ve taken in my life and I’m truly honored to share it with our guests.

Favorite Quote: “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

hey there!

I'm Greg.

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Tree Vistas! This property is my way of sharing the experience I had growing up in this unique wilderness solitude with others who may not have ever experienced this type of peacefulness. For me, Tree Vistas is a connection to home and nature. No matter where I go, this place will always be home and my hope is that you feel the same!

I’d describe myself as a curious, ingenuitive, and a “direct and to the point” kind of guy. I believe everyone has a purpose they were meant to find in their life, and I am getting closer to finding mine! I’m a devoted husband, and father of two wonderful (most of the time) children. 😁

When you spend time at Tree Vistas you’ll feel like you have left the real world and have gotten rejuvenated with the help of the soothing sounds of nature.

Trust me when I say this place is cool! Unique does not begin to describe your stay. Tree Vistas is your luxury getaway in the trees above the gurgling creek, nestled in the forest surrounded by hills, on a private solitude of 6+ acres bisected by the Frederick Meijer River Trail and abutting the Grand River!! If you want time to yourself to reflect, ride or run the trail, kayak or fish, and so many more things, you’ve found the place. Don’t travel to the mountains when this truly hidden and unique property is right here in Michigan!



We started Tree Vistas with an idea that the outdoors can be enjoyed at the level of luxury. That people should be able to enjoy nature while feeling comfortable, supported and safe while having fun at their fingertips. The concept was driven from the love of the outdoors, adventure, and serenity, and that they can all be enjoyed in unison. 

From the beginning, we wanted to create a getaway with respect and care in mind for the land that it’s built on. Our goal was to only enhance the property and for Tree Vistas to be a healthy addition with minimal disruption to the land. We can proudly say that Tree Vistas allows people to enjoy the outdoors in the most natural state possible while offering luxurious features. 

Tree Vistas was built from the ground up. There was endless planning, designing, and detailing that went into creating the Tree Vistas brand and property from scratch. It all began with a blank canvas of just over 6 acres of property and the hopes to produce our vision. Alongside a talented team of experts, we were able to create the perfect luxury vacation rental getaway for everyone to enjoy!

The building of TV began in 2020 and we continue to expand our property while sustaining the quality of the property.